NETROOTS: Choi Rips Up Obama Flyer

Igor Volsky reports at Think Progress: “Lt. Dan Choi ripped up an Obama For America (OFA) flyer this afternoon during a panel at Netroots Nation when he was confronted by an Obama volunteer who attempted to explain away the President’s opposition to same-sex marriage.”

NOTE: The Obama administration is prosecuting Choi for chaining himself to the White House fence during a DADT protest. Earlier this week Choi’s trial date was set for late August.

UPDATE: Choi later said to Washington Blade reporter Chris Johnson: “Sometimes love comes in harsh forms. I love my detractors enough to let them know when they are misguided and I only regret that we are both suffering under a second-class citizenship imposed by politicians who smile pleasantly while denying our fight for justice. The harshest treatment would be our acquiescence to the view that we do not deserve equality.”