Naked Cowboy: I’ll Marry Gay Couples

Famed NYC street performer the Naked Cowboy says he’ll marry gay couples for free in Times Square. ​

Ever-ready for publicity, the Naked Cowboy, Robert Burck, has thrown his support behind the movement for marriage equality in New York and declared July 3rd “Gay Marriage Day.” To celebrate the holiday, Burck, who happens to be an ordained minister, will be performing free same-sex wedding ceremonies in Times Square all day on Sunday, July 3 — and every July 3 that follows. Via press release, he said “I’m not a homosexual or a hypocrite, I am an American. It is hypocritical, in my opinion, for our legislature to discriminate against gays and lesbians regarding same-sex marriages.

Burck has previously pulled stunts like declaring his candidacy for mayor of New York.