MINNEAPOLIS: Muslim Women Stage “Head-Scarf Flash Mob” At RightOnline

On Thursday night, I happened upon the tail-end of an incident outside the SEIU party in which a man was arrested for allegedly threatening Muslim women. I saw the man being handcuffed and though little more of it until tonight when about a dozen headscarf-wearing Muslim women (and their allies) “flash-mobbed” the lobby of the Minneapolis Hilton in reaction to (as yet, unconfirmed) reports that the arrested man was an attendee of RightOnline.

After the women left under hotel security escort, AmericaBlog author John Aravosis fielded increasingly angry questions from RightOnline attendees. Dan Choi, of course, glommed onto the scene and when I left he was still refusing to leave and had begun glad-handing baffled RightOnline attendees as they came off the escalators, shaking their hands and saying “God bless you beautiful Americans! God bless the Fair Tax!” Ugh. Here’s my clip.