GetEQUAL Glitters Crazy Eyes

I’m not seeing it in this clip, but Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann was reportedly glittered by GetEQUAL moments ago as she left the stage at the anti-gay hate conference. I’ll try to find better video. [Replaced the first video, but it doesn’t appear Bachmann was hit by the glitter.]

UPDATE: GetEQUAL has issued a press release.

Shortly after a speech at the RightOnline conference, pro-LGBT activist Rachel E. B. Lang approached Bachmann, threw glitter in the air, and said, “You can run, but you cannot hide! Keep your hate out of our Constitution!” — a reference to the “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide” ministry for which Bachmann has helped raise money [1] and to a proposed ban on same-sex marriage in Minnesota. The ministry, a brainchild of rabidly anti-gay Bradley Dean, charges thousands of dollars to speak at public school assemblies and evangelize young people based on a shocking and offensive anti-gay program.

(Via – Good As You)