HomoQuotable – MN Sen. Scott Dibble

“We are about to do the hardest thing that many of us have ever done in our lives.But we’re up to it. We are a strong, resilient, loving people. We will replace the scorched-earth campaign tactics of our opponents with stories of the love, commitment and responsibility at the core of our families. The only thing this whole debate is about is whether people are able to have access to the things that keep all families strong ± economic, legal and civil protections. We will build an incredible coalition of allies from across the political spectrum and from every sector of Minnesota life to help us reach the hearts and minds of every Minnesota of every belief and political persuasion, across the countryside, in every hamlet, town and city.” – Openly gay Minnesota state Sen. Scott Dibble, vowing to defeat the 2012 ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage.