Sullivan Vs. Sisters, Round Two

“Rail against the supposed grief we cause believers and wrap yourself in self-righteous anger if it makes you feel good- it’s your shtick and in these tough times I know you need a paycheck. But for the love of every young LGBTQI kid out there trying to find a way through this cruel world, please stop carping on about how events like Hunky Jesus ’empower every religious right prejudice about gays.’ Bigotry like that is irrational and self- generating. They hate us because we’re GAY, Andrew, period.

“It’s actually the GAYS and all those stung by that hatred the Sisters try to help by creating space for a good belly laugh at all the holier-than-thou attitudes that keep us down. If we’re all going to Hell, there’s no reason we can’t have fun and look fabulous on the way! I’m sorry that a bunch of drag nun volunteers with a cheap sound system don’t rise to your definition of high art, but blasphemy is a democratic art form that delivers its most profound punch at street level where ordinary people struggle every day.” – Sister Merry Peter, responding to Andrew Sullivan’s criticism of the Hunky Jesus contest.

Read Sister Merry’s full response.