SAN DIEGO: Appeals Court Upholds Firing Of Teacher For “Immoral” Craigslist Ad

A California state court of appeals has overturned a lower court’s ruling that the San Diego Unified School District acted improperly when it fired a teacher for his “men seeking men” ad posted on Craigslist.

The appeals court agreed with the school district that Lampedusa’s conduct fit the Education Code definition of “immoral conduct.” The district had appealed the commission’s ruling. The ad included explicit pictures and a graphic explanation of the kinds of sexual activities that Lampedusa preferred. The ad, however, did not include his name or school affiliation. In a commission hearing, Lampedusa said he had placed similar ads four or five times in the past. The appeals court, in agreeing with the school district, noted that Lampedusa did not accept that the ad was improper because it might be seen by students or their parents.

The above-linked story does not say how the school learned about the ad.

UPDATE: According to CBS News, the school found about the ad when an anonymous male called the police. It’s not clear why the police felt the need to notify the school.