NOM Signs Up For Diaz Rally

NOM has officially aligned themselves with NY Sen. Ruben Diaz’ massive anti-gay hate rally, which takes place in the Bronx on Sunday, May 15th, the day of the AIDS Walk in Central Park.

On May 15, Rev Díaz called for a rally in the Bronx and I will be there! Talk about fighting for marriage in the deep blue country! But marriage is an extraordinary issue which gathers together people of all races, creeds and colors in defense of an idea: Marriage is the way we bring together the two great halves of humanity, male and female, in part so that children can know the love of their mom and dad. We’re gearing up with Rev. Díaz and thousands of New Yorkers to fight for marriage. Pray for Rev. Díaz and for all on the front lines of this fight, will you? And following Rev. Díaz’s lead, pray for those who wish to redefine marriage—for their safety, for a new spirit of civility and decency—and for the conversion of their hearts to support for marriage. – Brian Brown.

As in 2009, I will among the likely few counter-protesters at the Diaz rally. If you plan on attending, you might consider including respectful messages in Spanish on your signage. The odds are high that your image will end up in the other side’s materials.