HomoConQuotable – James Kirchick

“Those who fault [Pastor Terry] Jones for the behavior of Muslim extremists in Afghanistan must answer: Where does the blame-shifting end? Is Salman Rushdie, whose Satantic Verses earned him a fatwa from the Ayatollah Khomeini, to blame for the murder of his Japanese translator? Should the Danish cartoonist who drew images of Mohammed foot the bill for repairs to his nation’s embassy in Damascus, which was burned by a mob in 2006? Why don’t we just veil our women and execute our gays while we’re at it, since that’s what the radicals want? [snip]

“It is one thing to say that Jones’ Koran-burning was a stupid and offensive thing to do. He is not Rushdie, after all, whose ‘provocation’ was the exercising of the creative spirit. It is another thing entirely, however, to move to the accusation that Jones is culpable for the murderous acts of people half way around the world. People who riot and murder at the burning of a book do not need a pretext to act like savages. That’s exactly what they already are.” – Homocon journalist James Kirchick, writing for the New York Daily News.