Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg Claims Perez Hilton Is A Pedophile

In a Moonie Times article mocking Perez Hilton’s plan to release a children’s book, Family Research Council spokesdouche Peter Sprigg alleges that Hilton is a pedophile.

Mr. Hilton’s book, according to the publisher’s press release, is “the story of a child born with a shock of fabulous hair that sets him apart from his peers. While some find this difference hard to accept or understand, ‘The Boy With Pink Hair’ uses the opportunity to find what makes him special and share it with the world.” It would seem that Mr. Hilton, whose legal name is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., does indeed have some experience with children. “He does have a known interest in children,” says Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow for Family Policy Studies at the Family Research Council, “having published a photo of teen star Miley Cyrus that could have been considered child pornography.”

Last year Hilton tweeted out a photo of Cyrus getting out of a car, apparently without underwear. Cyrus was 17 at the time. Therefore the openly gay Hilton is clearly a heterosexual pedophile, according to Peter Sprigg. And the relentless, outrageous, compulsive lying of the anti-gay Christianist right rolls on….

(Via – Holy Bullies)