LAUNCHED: DJ Neil Lewis Podcasts

My pal Leif Wauters is spearheading an effort to post the sets of the late and legendary DJ Neil Lewis, whose epic work is considered by many to represent a pinnacle of San Francisco nightlife.

Welcome to the premier podcast of Neil’s recorded sets from his nights at Pleasuredome. Each release represents both sides of an audio cassette tape recording that has recently been digitised. Although I’m not an audio engineer, I have done my best to remove any gaps and to generally beef up with quality of the recordings but some unavoidable warbling and glitches remain. Please allow these imperfections to remind you that this is simply an attempt to share the joy of Neil Lewis’ music what was adored by dancers, flaggers and other DJs around the world until he took his life in 2004. Please share these podcasts far and wide as they represent what some would consider the best of a golden age in dance music. There will be a new release roughly every couple of weeks until the collection has been completely shared. If you enjoy what you hear, please consider making a donation to San Francisco Suicide Prevention as a “Friend of Neil Lewis” so they can continue the critical work of keeping our troubled loved-ones amongst us.

I made most of my San Francisco friends on Neil’s dance floor and even just a few minutes into this podcast, I’m flashing back to people I haven’t thought about in many years. Appropriately, this first posting begins with Chicane, the gloriously serene trance act that came to represent Neil’s unique style. Bookmarked.