Indiana’s Bil Browning: It’s Time To Out Closeted Anti-Gay State Legislators

Bilerico editor Bil Browning has called for outing the closeted Indiana legislators that voted last week in favor of enshrining a ban on same-sex marriage in the state constitution. And he wants your help.

I specifically want to learn more about the alleged blowjob one of our married legislative leaders got caught receiving from a staffer in the Statehouse parking lot. I also want to know more about the single Senator who got all of his money after a rich non-related older man died and left it all to him. Rumor has it that there’s a handful of legislators who are in the closet and have been spotted visiting the Unicorn Club’s strippers and the gay baths. Several southern legislators supposedly have a fondness for blow. Do you know who they are? Will you tell me? E-mail me and I’ll blow the whistle.

Browning is also looking for dirt on straight lawmakers. Local television is interviewing him today about this campaign.