NOM Continues To Defy Maine’s Request For Campaign Donor Information

Maine is back in court again in their now years-long battle to get NOM to comply with state campaign finance law and release the names of their donors.

The National Organization for Marriage says that identifying donors would violate their First Amendment rights and deter future donors. Lawyers for each side presented arguments Wednesday in Kennebec County Superior Court to a judge who said she will provide a ruling in writing. Assistant Attorney General Phyllis Gardiner told the judge that the ethics commission wants to question donors. “What did they understand they were asked to contribute money for?” Gardiner said. The answers would help the commission determine whether the National Organization for Marriage should have registered with the state as a ballot question committee. State law says groups that raise or spend more than $5,000 to attempt to influence the outcome of any Maine election must register and disclose their donors.

NOM has offered the provide the amounts, but not the names of the donors. Why isn’t Brian Brown in jail for contempt of court?