CPAC 2011 Boycott Grows Over Event Sponsorship By GOProud

The Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America have joined the growing list of anti-gay hate groups boycotting CPAC 2011 over the planned presence of GOProud, who are listed as a sponsor of next year’s event. Right Wing Watch reports:

In November, the far-right American Principles Project instigated the CPAC boycott over GOProud’s involvement back in November, and groups such as American Values, Capital Research Center, the Center for Military Readiness, Liberty Counsel, Liberty University, and the National Organization for Marriage followed the APP’s lead in boycotting the conference. Today, WorldNetDaily, which has provided support for the boycott movement, reports that the Family Research Council and Concerned Women For America have decided to boycott CPAC. FRC and CWA are easily the largest groups to join the boycott movement, and FRC hosts a similar conference that is geared to Religious Right activists, the Values Voter Summit.

Porno Pete LaBarbara celebrates: “It is gratifying to see FRC and CWA respond appropriately to CPAC’s moral sellout of allowing GOProud as a sponsor. By bringing in GOProud, CPAC was effectively saying moral opposition to homosexuality is no longer welcome in the conservative movement.”