Boney M’s Bobby Farrell Dies At 61

Bobby Farrell, the male member of Germany’s legendary 70’s disco act Boney M, has died in Russia at the age of 61. While most of Boney M’s many hits were led by its female chorus, it was Farrell’s flamboyant dancing and stage antics that drew the most attention. Years after the band’s peak, it was revealed that Farrell had contributed little vocally to the group’s recordings and was lip-syncing producer Frank Farian’s vocals in the act’s videos, although he did sing live in concert. (You may recall Farian as the creator of Milli Vanilli, which suffered a similar scandal.) Boney M remains one of the greatest selling acts in the history of the world, with their 140 million albums topping even Fleetwood Mac, the Bee Gees, and the Eagles. Not even the Beatles have two singles in Britain’s all-time top ten, as does Boney M.