MICHIGAN: Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell May Be Disbarred For Anti-Gay Stalking

A complaint has been filed seeking the disbarment of Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell over his anti-gay harassment of UM student body president Chris Armstrong.

The complaint alleges Shirvell harassed and defamed Armstrong during what Gordon describes as a six-month campaign “of lies, dishonesty, heckling, hate speech and even job interference.” The commission could disbar Shirvell if it investigates. “I could not stand by and let Mr. Shirvell continue his reckless, bullying behavior,” Armstrong said in a statement. Shirvell already is fighting a ban from the U-M campus. And he faces a Friday disciplinary hearing in the Attorney General’s Office.

Armstrong’s attorney: “We just feel very strongly … that you can’t be a licensed attorney and an officer of the court and conduct yourself this way and essentially terrorize a college student.”