The McRib Is Back

The famed McRib, the greasy pork sandwich whose fanatical devotees were parodied on The Simpsons, is back on the McDonald’s menu beginning today. Gothamist reports on the marketing push:

The McRib will be available through December 5th, and to help make The Simpsons parody a reality, McDonald’s is “inviting McRib fans to tap into their creative passion with the launch of The Legends of McRib website.” The site collects “McRib stories and tall tales submitted by fans who want to share their love for the sandwich with the world. The legends don’t have to be true. They don’t have to even be possible. They just have to be bigger than life and worthy of The Legends of McRib.” The winner gets a trip to Germany (the only country that sells McRibs year round) and his or her story animated into cartoon that McDonald’s can use for marketing (and that you can use to get laid).

I admit without shame, I love the McRib.