HomoQuotable – Kevin Troughton

“For many gay men ‘straight-acting’ is highly attractive, but ‘straight’ is even more so. So if you’re looking for a description of yourself that will have the maximum appeal on your dating profile and can’t use ‘straight’, for obvious reasons, maybe ‘straight-acting’ isn’t so bad. It’s clear and descriptive, and it’s fit for purpose, providing that you can overlook the implication that ‘-acting’ means you’re just putting it on. [snip]

“And what if the pressure to be ‘straight-acting’ gradually squeezes out camp behaviour? Will we have lost something important? Perhaps we should be pleased to see it go, an unnecessary relic of a time when gay men risked prosecution and when a lisp and a limp wrist were a relatively safe way of communicating your sexuality to other men. Or maybe it would be a sell-out, allowing ourselves to be railroaded into behaving like straight men – and, what is more, the kind of straight men who are most likely to give us homophobic abuse or a beating.

“Perhaps gay men should view ‘camp’ in the same way as we view a minority language or regional accent, something to nurture and encourage, even if we don’t speak that way ourselves.” – Guardian UK columnist Keven Throughton, in a piece titled “The End Of Gay Men Being Camp.”