HomoConQuotable – Kevin DuJan

“Today’s going to be the last day of revving them all up…and then the fun is really going to begin because all of these people are on record howling about how unfair it is that Bristol Palin had an army dialing and voting for her…but none of these people say boo about Democrats having an army of ACORN, SEIU, Black Panthers, and Organizing for America thugs at their disposal in every election…committing voter fraud at the ballot box to tip elections to Democrats.

“What were your favorite moments of the Left howling hypocritically? Just for fun, how many times do you think you ended up voting for Bristol in total? I voted every single week, for as long as I could. I think I easily voted 500 times every Monday, using the phone and the online voting system. How many weeks of the show were there? Eight or nine? So, I might have voted for Bristol Palin 4,500 times. How many bogus ballots do Democrats cast in every election, for dead people, cartoon characters, family pets, etc.? I bet it’s more than 4,500…but if each of you out there voted like crazy too, just imagine how many votes we piled into Bristol’s column. Just by voting like Democrats!” – Hillbuzz founder Kevin DuJan, who will be at Chicago’s Sidetrack video bar tonight to accept congratulatory twink dating offers after Bristol Palin’s win.