ALASKA: 70 Teabaggers Registered As Write-Ins To Confuse Murkowski Voters

Hoping to confuse Alaska voters intent on voting for write-in candidate Sen. Lisa Murkowski, at least 70 teabagger supporters of anti-gay nutjob Joe Miller have also had their names placed on today’s ballot.

The possibility that Miller backers or Tea Party supporters would launch some sort of effort in an attempt to torpedo her write-in bid was already a concern for Murkowski supporters. The thought was that backers of Miller or supporters of McAdams would encourage someone with a name similar to Murkowski’s to wage a write-in bid in an effort to confuse voters and throw into question ballots that aren’t clearly marked with Murkowski’s name. One of the Republicans filed to run as a write-in is Lisa M. Lackey.

The rush of write-in candidates was promoted by Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government blog, which provided links to the necessary paperwork.