Some JMG Stuff

As our JMG comment threads frequently now reach far beyond 100 responses, the comments service provider has helped me increase the one-page comment limit to 500. (It used to be 20!) If you’d prefer shorter comment thread pages, let me know.

And as I mentioned last week, I’ve just about reached Facebook’s (arbitrary) friends limit, so I’ve been forced to create a JMG fan page. I’m still reposting JMG items to both my personal Facebook page and the fan page, but eventually I’ll be primarily using the fan page to post breaking items, updates, and other news-ish bits that don’t make it to the blog. I encourage to you post your own items there as well, even just to share with others on the fan page.

Also there’s the JMG Twitter feed, which automatically pings all new blog posts and to which readers send me many news tips. As readership on this here website thingy continues to mushroom, my blogging process is becoming, probably necessarily, even more collaborative with you folks. I don’t say it enough, but I very much appreciate all the emails, the tweets, the Facebook tips…everything…even if I often can’t get back to all of you personally.

Finally, yet another reminder about commenting decorum. Please be aware that the enemies of our people often harvest your comments here for publication elsewhere. (And as the staffer of a certain GOP Senator recently learned, there is NO such thing as internet anonymity.) As I’ve said here often, one of the reasons that JMG has the most, ahem, robust commenting community of the LGBT blogosphere is that your words are unmoderated and uncensored.

So feel free to run your filthy fucking mouths, shout down the asshats, and say whatever needs to be said. But you may absolutely not make threats of physical harm, however idle. Please email me at [email protected] if you see such comments and I will dispatch them. Bear hugs and tall frosty beers to you all.