TENNESSEE: Citing Lack Of Support, Backers Pull Proposed LGBT Rights Law

Saying that they have no support on the Memphis City Council, the Tennessee Equality Project has withdrawn their proposed anti-discrimination ordinance which would have protected LGBT residents in hiring and promotion decisions.

TEP members said it was clear the ordinance, which was scheduled for the second of three readings this afternoon, lacked support from the 13-member council and Wharton’s administration, which said two weeks ago that it favors a more general ordinance approved by the Shelby County Commission earlier this year. Michelle Bliss, vice chairwoman of the Shelby County Committee of the TEP, said council members were making decisions based on “fear and prejudice.” “At this time we don’t think we can get a fair hearing,” said Bliss.

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Equality Project says Memphis Mayor AC Wharton has broken campaign pledges to support the LGBT community.