Quote Of The Day – Michael Savage

“What does it mean? You hang around with a gay man, you’re gay? I mean, what are they, nuts? Don’t you see the hate that comes out of people when they try to pervert this? Who the fuck would sleep with Ginsberg even if they were gay? He was a horrendous man, horrible. An old, fucking disgusting queen. Communist NAMBLA member. There were a lot of reasons to not like the man, and he wasn’t my friend.” – Radio blowhard Michael Savage, speaking to Playboy Magazine about beat poet Allan Ginsberg, with whom Savage was photographed swimming naked in the 1970’s.

Letters and postcards exchanged between Savage and Ginsberg in the early 70’s are maintained in the late poet’s papers at Stanford University. Wikipedia notes that “One postcard mentions his desire to photograph Ginsberg in a provocative way, though Savage states that this correspondence is actually a forgery created by gay detractors.” In 2006, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann said on air, “For God’s sake, Mike. Will you just cut to the chase and come OUT of the closet?”