Thou Shall Not Diss Apple

Remember the iPhone 4 Vs. HTC Evo video? Best Buy wants to fire the kid that made it. Even though it never mentions where he works.

A Best Buy employee has been suspended and may be fired after he created a satirical video and posted it on YouTube. Brian Maupin of Kansas City, Missouri, created the cartoon video about the iPhone 4 versus the HTC EVO phone. The video portrays an electronics store employee trying to convince a customer wanting an iPhone 4 to purchase an HTC EVO 4G phone instead. The video became so popular, more than 1. 3 million views on YouTube as of Thursday, that someone at Best Buy saw it. While most people find the video funny, Best Buy corporate did not. When they realized the creator worked for them, they asked him to take the video down. When Maupin refused to take the video down because it didn’t mention Best Buy, he was suspended.

Gadgets site Gizmodo has offered the kid a job.