Quote Of The Day – Melissa Henson

“It seems to us that this panel of three judges walked into the courtroom with their minds already made up and with kind of a chip on their shoulder about the whole enforcement regime of the Federal Communications Commission and that they did not look at the facts of the case objectively.

“The judges basically overturned the will of the American people, the laws of the land, and even a decision of the Supreme Court. If this ruling is allowed to stand, it will basically open the floodgate for non-stop ‘f-words’ and ‘s-words,’ nudity, profanity [and] graphic violence throughout the day — regardless of venue, regardless of whether or not there are children in the viewing audience.” – Melissa Henson, spokesnudge for the Christianist-run Parents Television Council, responding to yesterday’s overturning of the FCC’s rules on potty language.