PhoboQuotable – Eugene Delagaudio

“Our children…They’ve been the Radical Homosexuals’ target all along. Now they’re finally going after what they’ve always wanted. Just a few weeks ago, radicals in Congress led by openly homosexual Representative Jared Polis introduced H.R. 4530. It is a bill to turn America’s schools into indoctrination centers, its classrooms into social laboratories, its playgrounds into homosexual breeding grounds.

“Of course, they’ve disguised the bill’s wicked nature behind the innocent name ‘The Student Non-Discrimination Act.’ Sound harmless, right? Well, that’s key to their scheme. Honestly, I can hardly imagine a law more harmful. More appropriately, this bill should be called ‘The Homosexual Classrooms Act.’ This battle is sure to move quickly, so I’ll get right to the point. I’m counting on your signature on our petition and for an emergency contribution of $100, $50, $25 or at least $10 right away.

“You see, The Homosexual Classrooms Act was introduced quietly, and some insiders say Nancy Pelosi wants to ‘fast-track’ it before there is a public outcry. There’s even talk of burying it inside the must-pass Elementary and Secondary Education Act, commonly known as “No Child Left Behind” Reauthorization. If they succeed, they’ll only ensure that No Child is Left Uncorrupted by the poisonous influence of the Homosexual Agenda.”- Eugene Delgaudio, head of the Christian extremist group Public Advocate Of The U.S.