IRAQ: Army Orders Soldier To Remove Anti-Gay Facebook Video

A U.S. soldier stationed in Iraq is being investigated for posted a Facebook video in which he mocks two young Iraqi boys, asking if they are little “faggots” who are good at gay sex and whether they will grow up to be terrorists. Army officials have ordered the solider to remove the video from his page, but it has already been widely copied elsewhere.

The soldier, Spc. Robert A. Rodriguez, posted the video with the title “future gay terrorist” with the description, “i got bored in iraq…so i kept myself entertained!” The person on the video (it’s unclear it is Spc. Rodriguez, although the description certainly makes it sound like it is) asks whether the two young boys are gay, using a gay slur, and if they engage in a sex act. Next, he asks, “You gonna grow up to be a terrorist?” while the boys give a thumbs up, presumably not understanding the question. One soldier who WRAL played the video to called it “stupidity and boredom” and the army’s official response so far is that the video is “disgraceful” and the matter is “currently under investigation.”