HomoQuotable – Constance McMillen

“OK whoever is targeting my classmates really need to stop. It’s cruel and actually there are a lot of people including my girlfriend that have been receiving messages and having hateful things said about them just because they live in Itawamba county. There are alot of supporters that are getting harassed it shames me and actually it is just making me sad. One of my really good friends just showed up to my house crying because something was said about her. She has been supporting me through this and it is not right what yall are doing is not supporting me let ppl talk their shit about me. I dont care but this is more disgusting than what they are doing to me. I have always said to be respectful of people otherwise you dont get your message across. So yall please please if yall support me please stop doing this. Its not helping anything and it is hurting alot of innocent people.” – Constance McMillan, posting to the Facebook group Constance, Quit Yer Cryin’.