Crack Is Whack

After Whitney Houston’s disastrous concert in Birmingham, England on Tuesday, some fans demanded ticket refunds amid rumors that the diva is again struggling with a drug problem.

According to reports, Houston performed so ineptly during her two-hour stint Tuesday night that fans began to boo — and some, who paid upward of $200 for a ticket, told local outlets they wanted their money back. Their biggest source of ire: After singing for barely 20 minutes, Houston disappeared for a 20-minute break as her backup singers performed renditions of “Queen of the Night” and “For the Love of You.” Soon after, the audience was treated to Houston’s smash hit “One Moment in Time” — in a pre-recorded video montage. This was all before Miss Houston began to slaughter “I Will Always Love You”: Her attempt at the award-winning ballad is currently drawing ridicule on YouTube. “It was a con, a ripoff. It wasn’t a concert,” said one angry fan. Added another: “She kept the crowd waiting for ages after every song, and all she did was talk to stop her from having to sing. I was so looking forward to it, but I appeared to have wasted [my money].” Critics weren’t kind, either: By Wednesday morning, British Web sites and newspapers were calling the 46-year-old’s performance everything from “horrendous” to “appalling.”

Houston earned similarly scathing reviews last month when she toured Australia. Here’s the clip from Birmingham, cover your ears.