Broadway Friday

-Sexy space stud Patrick Stewart returns to Broadway next season in David Mamet’s A Life InThe Theater. Engage!

-Despite many rave reviews for Little Miss Sunshine’s Abagail Breslin, the revival of The Miracle Worker closes on Sunday after only 38 performances.

-Musical Everyday Rapture will replace Lips Together, Teeth Apart which was torpedoed when lead Megan Mullally walked out. Opens April 29th. Fans are begging Megan to defend herself. Jeremy Pivens redux?

-Madonna spotted attending FELA! with four of her children: David, Mercy, Rocco, and Jesus. What? Gossipers dished Madge’s outfit as inappropriate for her advancing years. Whatever.

-Bombtastic All About Me, starring Michael Feinstein and Dame Edna closes Sunday after only 20 shows. The house only grossed 23% of the max during the run.

-First quarter 2010 Broadway grosses: $238M. That’s up 4.4% from last year.

-Dancer and actor unions are warring over whether the Sinatra jukebox tuner Come Fly Away is a musical or “an evening of dance.” The dancer union says there’s no narrative in the show, therefore they should administer the Equity contract.

-Rejected titles for Patti LuPone’s memoir:

“Peaks & Valleys of The Doll”; “Patti LuPone: Not Just a Tap-Dancing Fascist”; “Curtains Up – Cell Phones Off!”; “The LuPone Trio Minus Two”; “‘SHUT UP, IT’S BEEN TWENTY-NINE YEARS!’ – Trials and Tribulations of a Tony Award Winning Actress”; “Shut Up, It’s Been 29 Years! A Life in the Theatre”; “Born With A Trunk: Theatrical Musings By A Big-Nosed Diva”; “Don’t Cry For Me, For Me, For Me, For Meee!”; and “Mein Kampf.”

-DRAG ALERT: The producers of Looped are holding a Tallulah Bankhead impersonation contest. Send them your video clip.

VIDEO: The revival of La Cage Aux Folles opens April 6th.