Republicans Reveal Their Truths

From a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll of self-identified Republicans, here are the Yes/No/Unsure percentages of a few of the poll’s questions.

Should Obama be impeached? – 39/32/20
Was Obama born in America? – 42/36/22
Is Obama a socialist? – 63/21/16
Is Obama an anti-white racist? – 31/36/33
Should your state secede? – 23/57/19
Should gays be in the military? – 26/59/19
Do you support gay marriage? – 7/77/16
Should gays be allowed to teach? – 8/73/19
Should schools teach creationism? – 77/15/9
Do you think abortion is murder? – 76/8/16
Do you support the death penalty? – 91/4/5

Many more questions and the demographic breakdowns can be found at the above link.