Rap Death Threat Against Gay Blogger

Some teabagger-aligned outfit calling themselves American Resistance Radio has posted a YouTube clip threatening to murder the gay blogger known as Gossip Boy, who has identified the author as some idiot named Jim Stachowiak, with whom Gossip Boy appears to have an ongoing blog battle. According to Gossip Boy, Stachowiak was recently removed from a town hall meeting held by SC Sen. Lindsey Graham after he began screaming about the Matthew Shepard Act.

The music being used is Murder Ya Life by the “death rapper” Necro. A sample: Chopping you up you fags and dropping you in the garbage bag off of a bridge / Had every ligament frozen in a fridge / Keeping it fresh and its all for the kids / Beat you to death / Stomping you real with combat boots / You faggot fuck it get murdered militantly to the best of my ability.