No Cameras For Prop 8 Trial Finish

Despite what was speculated in Thursday’s SF Chronicle, Karen Ocamb at LGBT POV reports that there were not be a broadcast of the closing arguments at Perry vs. Schwarzenegger. From a press release from the Court:

1. On January 15, 2010, Chief Judge Walker withdrew his previous request to include Perry et. al. v. Schwarzenegger et. al . in the Ninth Circuit’s pilot program permitting broadcasting of district court proceedings in limited circumstances. On the same date, Chief Judge Kozinski approved the request to withdraw the Perry case from the program. Broadcasting closing arguments would require Chief Judge Walker to request that these arguments be included in the Ninth Circuit’s pilot program and approval of that request by Chief Judge Kozinski. No such request has been made.

2. The presentation of evidence has not been completed; defendant-intervenors requested that their case remain open pending completion of discovery they are seeking from third parties. The proceedings concerning this discovery are on-going. Further information regarding the date for closing arguments will be made available on the court’s website when a date has been scheduled.