HomoQuotable – Paul Katami

“It was shocking how emotional the process was. You prepare as much as you possibly can, but on day 1, I was the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life. I was sick to my stomach and rendered a lump in the chair. But the minute Ted Olson stood up and encapsulated why we were there that day, my nerves just washed away. It was comforting, knowing that we deserve these rights, that we’re on the right side of the law. It gave me a sense of confidence and excitement. And on the final day of testimony, to see David Boies drop his bag, hug us, and say, “We’ve done this, and we did it right. It’s important that you are a part of this.” That was overwhelming.”- Prop 8 plaintiff Paul Katami (above right with his husband Jeff Zarillo), speaking to the Advocate about what it was like to be a witness during Perry vs. Schwarzenegger.