Faux, The Movie

Here’s the odd trailer for what promises to be an odd gay movie.

The story is minimal; love lost, love regained, love destroyed. Our characters are Caleb and Rin. Caleb lives comfortably in his upper/middle class lifestyle as a columnist and blogger. Rin is a prominent student filmmaker in the gay community at his college. Their lives intertwine when Calebs wife is killed in an accidental hit and run, and Calebs only memory of the accident is a bumper sticker for the café in which Rin works. The two develop a relationship that opens up Calebs world to a new meaning of love, but transcends into dangerous and destructive when he begins to suspect Rin had something to do with his accident. The film is told in four intertwining storylines, shot in four different film styles respectively; Melodrama, French New Wave, Mumblecore (or Indie), and Documentary which will actually feature real interviews from notable members of Minnesotas GLBT community.