Can’t The Teabaggers Just Get Along?

More delightful post-convention infighting from the teabaggers!

Following the weekend convention sponsored by Tea Party Nation, a social networking site for tea partiers, a rival site, Tea Party Patriots, sent out an email message to its members complaining about the “media frenzy” around the convention and advising them to be wary of anyone trying to hijack the movement. The “Real Tea Party Conventions,” the message said, would be the Tax Day Tea Party rallies on April 15, which are being sponsored by Tea Party Patriots, with help from Washington advocacy organizations like FreedomWorks. “We the people are smart and will not buy any tactics by politicians to use or co-opt us or the movement,” the message said. “The Tea Party Movement started because of these tactics and we will not be used like this.”

Tea Party Nation says that Tea Party Patriots’ plan for another April 15th tax rally is a waste of the time because Congress ignored them the last time around anyway. But, but….we NEED that rally for more hilariously misspelled signage material!