Arrest Warrant Issued For Lisa Miller

A Vermont judge has issued an arrest warrant for Lisa Miller, the “ex-gay” mother who disappeared late last year after custody of her daughter was awarded to her lesbian ex-partner.

Family Court Judge William Cohen found Lisa Miller of Forest, Va., in contempt of court during a hearing Tuesday and issued the arrest warrant. Miller was ordered to surrender custody of her daughter on Jan. 1 but failed to do so and has since disappeared. Their daughter is now considered a missing person. Miller and Jenkins got a civil union in Vermont in 2000, had the baby two years later and broke up in 2003. Miller moved to Virginia, where she renounced homosexuality and became an evangelical Christian.

The anti-gay Liberty Counsel has been advising Miller and is thought by some (including me) to be accomplices in the kidnapping of her daughter. They remain silent as to the pair’s whereabouts.