STEROIDS: Mark McGwire Admits What Everybody Already Knew

Five years after bobbing and weaving his way through Congressional hearings about steroid use in professional baseball, home run king Mark McGwire has finally ‘fessed up.

“I’m sure people will wonder if I could have hit all those home runs had I never taken steroids,” McGwire’s statement read. “I had good years when I didn’t take any and I had bad years when I didn’t take any. I had good years when I took steroids and I had bad years when I took steroids. But no matter what, I shouldn’t have done it and for that I’m truly sorry.” McGwire’s statement confirmed what had widely assumed within baseball and what has damaged McGwire’s chances in the last four years of balloting for the Hall of Fame; in none of them, did he come anywhere near the number of votes he needed for induction.

Three years after McGwire broke Roger Maris’ 37 year-old record, he was eclipsed by Barry Bonds, who also later admitted using steroids. The most hallowed record in American pro sports is forever sullied and meaningless.