Jewish Group Sets Up “Urgent Fund” To Support LGBT Ugandans

The American Jewish World Service has created a fund to help grassroots LGBT groups in Uganda. Fantastic.

In response to the terrible human rights violations against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Uganda, AJWS has created the URGENT LGBT UGANDA FUND to support local, grassroots organizations working to protect and advance human rights for sexual minorities. Your donation today will enable AJWS to help LGBT people in Uganda live free, safe and dignified lives. AJWS upholds the standard that every life is of equal value. No one should live in fear, and it is our duty to respond to injustices now and always.

Via the Advocate: “AJWS’s work is propelled by a very basic value: the essential dignity of every human being,” AJWS president Ruth Messinger said in a release. “Through the creation of the ‘Urgent LGBT Uganda Fund,’ in conjunction with our broader advocacy efforts, AJWS is taking the lead in the Jewish community and in the broader faith-based community to ensure that all people — regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity — can realize their full, true selves.”