Fireworks At San Diego Pride

But not the kind that come after the parade. San Diego Pride’s executive director has been fired and two members of its board of directors have resigned over an internal $5000 gift made to their board president, Phillip Princetta.

Reportedly, San Diego Pride executive director Ron deHarte had strenuously objected to the gift made to Princetta. When the three remaining board members learned that he’d taken his concerns outside of the organization, they “walked into the Pride offices, fired deHarte on the spot and escorted him out of the building.” Those remaining three board members are said to be orchestrating the overturn of term limits so that they can serve indefinitely, a move that is bringing the resignation of more staffers. A town hall meeting about the fracas will be held at the San Diego LGBT Center this Sunday. More on the story here.

RELATED: In June 2009, deHarte was attacked by an anti-gay protester as he took part in the Equality Torch Relay, a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.