Anti-Gay Irish MP Iris Robinson’s Adulterous Lover Was Under 21

Iris Robinson, the “Anita Bryant of the UK” who was mocked by floats of look-a-like drag queens during last year’s Belfast Pride parade, not only was cheating on her husband at the same time she was on national radio called gays “abominations,” she was committing that adultery with a young man said to be under 21 at the time. That would make Robinson three times his age.

News channel UTV, which broke the story of her affair and suicide attempt yesterday, reported the claim this evening. Robinson, who is 60, said the affair and suicide attempt took place in March 2008. She said the “brief” liaison began “completely innocently” when she offered support to someone who had suffered a family death. The man has not been named. She also revealed she had helped the man by encouraging friends to give him money for a financial venture. Earlier today, The Times reported that a BBC investigation into the finances of Robinson and her husband Peter, who is Northern Ireland’s first minister, was what prompted her to reveal details of her affair and attempted suicide. The “embarrassing” television documentary was to be broadcast with allegations over the first family’s financial affairs.

One Irish blog named the young man as Kirk McCambley, pictured above, and alleges that Robinson may have directed public money into supporting his cafe business. The BBC was said to be at the restaurant today with a camera crew, demanding answers.

Things are as they always are. God’s Gentle Elected People infest the national media to scream about perversion and abomination, all while screwing the taxpayer AND cougaring the fuck out of a young hottie.

UPDATE: The BBC has confirmed McCambley as Robinson’s boytoy. Head to Facebook and join the hilarious Kirk McCambley Appreciation Society, which instantly has hundreds of members.