Traitor NY Sen. Joseph Addabo Explains Why He Voted “No” On Marriage

Queens Democrat Joseph Addado, who was elected with the help of LGBT groups like the Gill Action Fund, says he had to vote “no’ on marriage equality because so many calls from constituents told him to. Via Julie Bolcer at the Advocate:

In 2008, state campaign finance records indicate that Addaboo received $9,500, the maximum allowable contribution, from gay philanthropist Tim Gill, the backer of the Gill Action Fund. The contribution was part of the wave of support, ultimately totaling close to $1 million, that helped flipped the senate to Democratic control and install candidates who pledged to uphold pro-LGBT positions, including support for marriage equality.

On Friday, Addabbo defended himself by saying that he had never promised to vote “yes” on the bill, and that he wanted to keep his options open in order to gauge the sentiments of his constituents. “At no point did I ever say ‘yes,’” said Addabbo. “I proposed I would keep an open mind.” “It was my intention to keep an open mind and by doing so, I felt that I would get a clear indication of where my district stands on this issue,” said Addabbo, who said that he received more than 400 communications from constituents, 74% of whom opposed marriage equality. Pressed on whether he would also allow 74% of constituents to influence a vote on something absurd, such as a hypothetical proposal to deport all the Hispanics in the district, Addabbo said, “It’s apples and oranges.”

Addabo was elected with very slim majority. He’s definitely one of the ones we can oust in 2010.