Surviving The “Ex-Gay” Industry

How blatantly bizarre and predatory does “ex-gay reparative therapy” have to be for even the mental cases at Exodus International to disavow you? Here’s some of what their “therapist” at their Lansing, Michigan affiliate did to young Patrick McAlvey.

“He asked how large my penis was. He asked if I shave my pubic hair. He asked what type of underwear that I wore. He wanted me to describe my sexual fantasies to him and the type of men I’m attracted to. On one occasion, he asked me to take my shirt off and show him how many push-ups I could do, which I did not do.”

Truth Wins Out reports:

Truth Wins Out (TWO) revealed today that the nation’s largest “ex-gay” organization, Exodus International, officially cut ties with its Lansing affiliate Corduroy Stone after charges were made by an ex-gay survivor that the sessions included harmful and bizarre therapy. In August, Patrick McAlvey made the charges against Corduroy Stone’s Mike Jones in a Truth Wins Out video, yet it took Exodus until December to take action. Exodus’ dithering in the face of scandal cost precious time and may have placed additional youth in harm’s way, according to Truth Wins Out.

VIDEO: Patrick McAlvey talks about his Exodus International predator.