Sad Face: Mike Lux – 45%, JMG – 26%

Well, crap. Mike Lux over at OpenLeft has zoomed past me. If only I had a mailing list with thousands of names, dangit. But that’s fair and square and he’s a great voice in the progressive blogosphere. Voting ends at 5PM tomorrow, so who knows, maybe somebody out there has their own mailing list to put me and Pam on. (And here’s the voting link for that list. Snork)

UPDATE: OK, now they are just fucking with me. Thanks to all of you that Facebook’d and Tweeted the contest link, but that Air America page is now gone. Annoying! I’ve updated the above links. Here’s the new one.

UPDATE: Well, that link went dead too. Here’s new old link that works for now. I changed the above ones again too. Blah.