Poll: 47% Of New Yorkers “Disappointed” That Marriage Equality Failed

According to a new Sienna poll (PDF), 47% of New Yorkers are disappointed by the Senate’s vote on same-sex marriage. Most interestingly, 40% also say that their Senator’s position on the issue will be the deciding factor on whom they choose to support for re-election.

Forty-seven percent of voters were disappointed that the Senate rejected the bill to legalize same sex marriages in New York, compared to 41 percent who were pleased by the Senate’s vote. Liberals, young voters, Democrats and Jewish voters were most disappointed. Conservatives, Republicans, older, and African American voters were most pleased with the Senate vote. In August, 50 percent of voters told Siena that they supported the Senate passing the same sex marriage bill, with 44 percent then opposing Senate passage.“New Yorkers remain fairly evenly divided on the issue of same sex marriages, with a small advantage for those supporting it despite the Senate’s defeat of the legislation,” Greenberg said. “Overall, 40 percent of voters – 42 percent of those who were disappointed in the Senate action and 47 percent of those who were pleased – said that their Senator’s vote on the issue would be a deciding factor in their vote for State Senator next years.”

(Via – New Civil Rights Movement)