No Jail For NY Sen. Hiram Monserratte

Local NYC news just announced that Sen. Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens) will only get three years probation for the “accidental” slashing of his girlfriend’s face, an attack that resulted in 40 “accidental” stitches. He also has to perform community service and attend anger management classes.

Last month Monseratte narrowly escaped felony charges for the assault after his girlfriend recanted her emergency room statements to police. Prosecutors had requested a three month prison sentence for today’s misdemeanor ruling. On Tuesday Monserrate earned the eternal enmity of the NY’s progressives when he joined seven other traitorous Democrats in voting against marriage equality. NOW we have to put the pressure on the NY Senate leadership to eject Monserrate from their broken-down clown car.

Here’s the surveillance video prosecutors used against him.