Jesus Christ Was Disruptive

Pam Spaulding dug up this gem about a woman who changed her name to “Jesus Christ.” I frickin’ love the last line.

Jesus Christ was called for jury duty this week in Jefferson County. Court officials were skeptical at first when on Monday a potential juror submitted a name change form with “Jesus Christ” on it. But the 59-year-old Birmingham woman, who previously went by Dorothy Lola Killingworth, assured the presiding judge that was her name. “It raised eyebrows, so I asked her if that were truly her name,” Circuit Court Judge Scott Vowell said. “She assured me that it was. She had her name changed in the Probate Court, and she presented her driver’s license.” Christ was sent to Judge Clyde Jones’s courtroom for a criminal case. She was excused because she was disruptive, court officials said. Instead of answering questions, she was asking them, a court employee in Jones’s office said. Efforts to reach Christ today were unsuccessful.

According to a commenter on the story, who says he was in court that day, the judge’s clerk first tried to call Jesus to the jury box by saying, “Heyzoos Crist?”