Friendster Relaunches

Third runner-up social network Friendster relaunched this weekend. Via Techcrunch:

Friendster outlines some of the changes in a video (embedded below), in which it calls out other social networks (*cough* Facebook and *cough* MySpace) for being plain and boring. My absolute favorite part of the video: “I mean, if everyone’s there, woop de doo”. Friendster in the clip says the redesign aims to place more emphasis on 3 pillars: Simple, Fun and Personal. The company also features glimpses of the new website lay-out, which looks a whole lot like Facebook in my opinion, but seemingly mixed with the customization capabilities of MySpace (e.g. it looks like you can change the background color of pages with a single click).

And here I just finally figured out how to delete my account last week. I’m already missing those sexxay emails from Tiffany, Amber, and Summer.