e-Books Outselling Print

For the first time, e-books outsold printed books at Amazon over the holidays.

eBooks, some of them free eBooks, outsold print books this Christmas. On December 26, Amazon announced that, for the first time ever, they had sold more eBooks than physical books on Christmas day. In an interview Jeff Bezos was also quoted as saying that he believes that the print book will eventually disappear. And how much money is Amazon making? How much money are authors and publishers making? When GalleyCat examined the Kindle Store bestsellers, they found that 64 of the 100 bestselling eBooks, the majority, were, in fact, free, including the number one bestseller, “Midnight in Madrid”, by Noel Hynd.

I’ve never been one to save books to put them on display as proof of having read them, but I think I’ll always prefer a physical book. How do you share a favorite e-book?