David Mixner’s Rules For Giving

Activist/author and former Clinton White House adviser David Mixner has posted five rules on political giving.

1. Do not contribute to Democratic party committees like the DNC, DSCC and DCCC. They will use the funds to not only elect our allies but also Blue Dog Democrats. Even if they set up a ‘special committee’ for us that will enable them to loosen funds for candidates who are opposed to our freedom.
2. Contribute directly to only those candidates who have proven by either by vote or sponsorships of legislation their commitment to our issues.
3. Contribute to LGBT candidates who most often know how to fight like hell for us. The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund is one of the most effective groups in Washington,DC.
4. Contribute to our own community and its battles for freedom especially as our young resort to more traditional civil rights tactics.
5. Contribute to defeating our enemies at the local level which is a very powerful message to send those that oppose us.

Mixner: “Do not be charmed by fancy appeals, hot parties, invites to special places and personal attention. Hold strong and let them know your five guidelines for giving. For nearly two decades we have poured money into the political process only to be ignored or betrayed time and time again.”